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December 9, 2023

Home-Based Business 106

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In this set of videos, we discuss methods to get paid in our home-based businesses!

  • Video 1 – In this video we talk about the way people can pay for your products and services using Stripe, Square and PayPal. We also discuss the importance of having written invoices and agreements with your customers and clients.
  • Video 2 – In this video we go through the general steps to register with Stripe, Square and PayPal. We also go into more detail about creating agreements for your premium services.
  • Video 3 – This is a bonus video with my mentor Eugene Casternovia giving his take on asset protection.
  • Video 4 – This is a bonus video with Business Consultant Roger Grant where we discuss common law, statutory law and asset protection.

Course Content

Home-Based Business 106

  • Video Training 1
  • Video Training 2
  • Video Training 3
  • Video Training 4
Lectures: 4
Students: Max 2000
Level: All Levels
Language: English
Certificate: No

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